The phone isn’t dead.  Real Voice Automated Systems (REVAS) can add a level of customer satisfaction and comfort too often left to impersonal computer voice software.  Having a human connection beyond email or social media while protecting your personal cell phone number is still desirable in the 21st century.  Virtual fax lines and SMS capable phone numbers bridge the gap between old and new styles of communication.

This service is great for the small business, but also those who relocate to other parts of the country or world. is able to port your existing phone number (if eligible) to our network so if you move from New York to Idaho and decide to get a new local number you can easily keep your old New York number to stay in touch.  Moving overseas?  Port your current cell number to Userfriendly and direct calls to your new international location, allowing your friends and family to not pay long distance rates*.

Userfriendly partners with professional voice actors who can give your phone system a polished experience.  Calling queues can manage a large inflow of calls, with adjustable music on hold and queue position reporting optionally setup.  Get in touch with us today to customize a solution for your business.  The offerings featured below are just examples of some of the possibilities.

* REVAS customers are responsible for the per minute rate which is highly competitive and amongst the lowest in the industry.